Embolden the Ink

Be bold in your words and in your decisions. We all look at our writing and think that it’s not great but there isn’t any time for that kind of thinking. You have to be bold and vivacious in both life and writing. People that write fall under a different classification of people. We as a whole are people that feel and understand things differently than the normal human. As a writer more than anything you are an artist and all that the title entails. As artists we are a much more self-deprecating and wary of the things we create; always looking at our work as not good enough.



My Life Whether You Like It or Not

These last few weeks I have had the rare privilege of meeting my fiancé’s family. I had met the whole of her immediate family before but I was given a morsel of what it was to know her whole family in one place when I attended our wedding shower. Now most of you read that sarcastically and are thinking to yourself, “He hated the whole ordeal and now he wants us to suffer alongside him.” Well If I’m being frank, you would only be mostly wrong.