Here lately I’ve noticed that we have become a whiny people. If there is ever an unconventional thought, we treat it as if it’s infringing on our rights as humans, Americans, men, women, mammals, ad nauseum. I feel as though the world has begun to pander to its populace and become worse for it. Nobody seems to push any ideas that are truly innovative or thought provoking anymore because we have become afraid of stepping on people’s toes. It seems that the only things published are heated interpretations of what is politically correct which is nothing more than a regurgitated version of what the populace thinks is right. Writing used to be about challenging normalcy and redefining our thoughts on mainstream ideas. Writing used to be about the philosophy of life and trying to dig deeper into the mind of the populace: not catering to a crowd. Perhaps it’s time to find the punch that has been missing from writing of late, and rekindle the passion of pushing boundaries.

I understand that most of the people that frequent the ePoB website are independent writers that haven’t made bundles of money on their writing. I also realize that writing something that doesn’t exactly conform to what is popular isn’t the way to become rich and famous.  However, I feel that there is another aspect of writing that has been left unfulfilled for quite some time: the position of the struggling artist. There are writers that want to do this because they want to make it big and become famous and then there are writers that write because they have something to say. The writers that want to express their opinion are people that have discovered writing as the perfect medium to convey their thoughts and captivate their audience while doing so. Sure it comes in more of a palatable form but the sentiment behind every word is still steeped in the beliefs of the author. The people that write from their ideals are ones that can be counted as true artists and they most definitely struggle. Plenty of writers were not successful during their era and were, in fact, harshly critiqued for their written words. They had become the outcasts in most circles but they held pure to their art and stuck to their guns by writing every word with fortitude and a zeal for their own ideals.

I know that it can be hard to write about the things that you truly want to say because no one wants to deal with the whiplash of pushing back against society. However, as writers, one of the things we are called to do is challenge our readers. Okay, so maybe there isn’t some unwritten law that says that we have to challenge our readership, but it’s one of the standards that I hold my writing to. I want to break past conventional boundaries, and make a fuss in the literary world. I want people to draw back in abhorrence at my unwieldy pen, then, with a smile and a nod of agreement, jump back into the novel because my words run parallel with their thoughts. To move the public, you have to believe in your writing and sometimes you have to be okay with your beliefs and philosophical ideals not lining up with everyone else’s.

Be unique when you write. Challenge normalcy and conventionalism. We have become a rather whiny lot that tends to throw fits when we are told that we can’t get our way.  Push the envelope and stick to your guns. The world doesn’t need to be pandered to anymore.