Be bold in your words and in your decisions. We all look at our writing and think that it’s not great but there isn’t any time for that kind of thinking. You have to be bold and vivacious in both life and writing. People that write fall under a different classification of people. We as a whole are people that feel and understand things differently than the normal human. As a writer more than anything you are an artist and all that the title entails. As artists we are a much more self-deprecating and wary of the things we create; always looking at our work as not good enough. It is the job of a writer to create and bring to life our wildest ideas into a manifested word form. Our charge is to push the boundaries past what already exists and let our creativity pave the path for our stories.

I have the same reservations about my work that most artists do. I could sit down and tweak until I have developed a whole new story out of the story already written. I think that may come from a lack of self-confidence. However, no matter where it comes from its only there to be conquered. If some of us lived as passionately and courageously as we wrote, then our lives would change dramatically. We would have more confidence in our writing and not accept as many “nos” from the naysayers. We would love our work more passionately and put even more effort into it.

The bold don’t wait for opportunities they create them. We can work as hard as we can but without seizing the opportunities in front of us we have no way of advancing. If you try to move up in life lateral steps won’t get the job done. Change something that you’ve been considering changing for a long time and don’t ruminate on the “what ifs”. Put your heart and your will into your decisions and your writing will follow suit. We are the culmination of our experiences: what we have derived over the time we’ve lived, and our writing usually reflects the walks in life that we tread. If we are bolder with our choices and our life becomes more extraordinary because of it, just imagine the limitations that would be removed from your writing.

I’m usually a person that writes with caution and I have been this way for the whole of my life, but recently I’ve made the decision to be bold in both my life and in my writing. I’ve incorporated the passion that “living boldly” incites in writing and the other arts that I practice. I can’t say for certain that everything is going to go smoothly in life, but either way you look at it, life doesn’t go smoothly. The choice is really whether you decide to live with the regrets of the opportunities not seized.

As a person of conscious, I have to leave you with a word of warning. I say to be bold and to be courageous in the choices that you make, not ignorant. Try to be wise in your decision making but don’t cower because you don’t see yourself as a good writer. Be bold, be passionate.