Down With Prince Charming

I’m trying to develop the perfect character that is flawed and strong in a way that people can relate to. However, instead of writing this perfect character, I have come up with an almost mirror image of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy myself as a character, it’s just that I can’t have me for every single main character. I could just go the way of J.K. Rowling and write a seven book series until I run out of me to describe, but that makes for a long time on one single plot and I just don’t think I could stick with it.


The First Step

There’s an expression that goes something like “the most difficult part of a journey is the first step.” I’m not sure if I read that first in Lord of the Rings or if it was embroidered on a pillow, but it is very relevant to the writing process. For the aspiring author, there are few sights more intimidating than a blank piece of paper (or the stark whiteness of an empty word processing document). However, like any physical journey, the writing process is a voyage of discovery that presents challenges that can discourage all but the most dedicated.

Welcome to ePublish or Bust!

Hello and welcome to our inaugural posting on ePublish or Bust! My name is Jim Blanton, and I’m the Director of the Daviess County Public Library in Owensboro, KY.  I will be one of your guides on the journey we’re inviting you to take, as we launch a program to help aspiring authors create, produce, and promote their works.  I’ll delve into the details shortly, but first I’ll share a little background on why we think embarking on such a project is important in the first place.