What a Tool!

I’ve been tasked with either finding or suggesting a writing tool for you guys to use. However, being an old school type of writer I just use my pen and paper then later type it on a “Word” or “Pages” document. It’s not that I’m computer illiterate either, it’s just I’m very much enamored with the romance of freehand writing. The sound of a pen scrawling against a coarse grained paper, as well as the smell of fresh ink brings about a nostalgic feeling and a sense of connection with the greats like Thoreau, Dickens, and Wilde.


“In Defense of Long Hand, Pen-on-Paper First Drafts”

During a typical day at work, I find myself surrounded by technology: assisting patrons with eReaders, connecting to the Wi-Fi network, looking up books on our online card catalog, etc. In my spare time I also use technology in ways some may find excessive. I prop up my Kindle Fire on the console of my exercise bike and watch the scenery of Netflix as my progress is tracked with flashing green blips. I have numerous video game systems to play and movies to watch when I want to invest a few hours of mindless entertainment.

The Time it Takes

I have just started writing again and, to be honest, this task is more of a beast than I thought it would be. Never mind getting the drive to jump back into things, even finding the plot in the story isn’t giving me as much trouble as finding the time to write it. I am a writer at heart and hobby. I love writing and someday, hopefully very soon, I want to be a novelist. However, for the time being, I am a full time librarian and a full time college student and, let me tell you, there is no time.


Insert Title Here

I can’t come up with a title for my book. I would love to actually have an outside opinion on what to call it, but being so fresh out of the box when it comes to writing, I don’t have the courage to proudly show my work to very many people. I’m not whining about it or asking for sympathy, I’m just saying that writer’s block happens.


Scrivener = Pure Writing Satisfaction

Working in the library I’m exposed on a regular basis to the wonders of computer technology.  While computers offer an endless number of options for accomplishing various goals, this abundance can result in sensory overload.  In writing our book, my partner Phyllis and I went looking for software that would be easy to use, but also have the features we needed.  We settled on a program called Scrivener, but a couple of other contenders put up a good fight.


Writers Anonymous

I have a problem and they say that admitting it is the first step to overcoming it. My problem is I can never write enough. Whether it’s getting enough words on the page or getting enough pages written, I can’t seem to just pop it out like that. Now, since I’m in school that is more of a problem for me than it is for you. However, if you get something published having two pages per chapter may not be to your employers liking. There are plenty of people that can either ramble or just talk about one thing for pages and here I am struggling to finish this sentence.


“Write What You – NO!”

There’s a piece of terrible advice that’s been going around for years: “write what you know.” If every writer followed that pearl of wisdom, all of our books would be about a man or woman sitting in front of a computer with a cup of coffee and consulting online dictionaries and synonym finders. If I branched out, I could write about my career as a library associate (though that would make an interestingly comedic novel) or perhaps my hobby as a gamer or my time spent as the bassist for a local alternative rock band. 

Fun With the Hemingway App

As a novice fiction writer, one of the most difficult tasks in my novel writing adventure is determining if my text “reads well.”  Scrivener, my software of choice, has a built in spell-check, but it can’t tell me if what I’m writing sounds terrible.  Down the road the plan is to obtain the services of an editor, but it would be nice if there was some tool I could use right now to stay on track.  Well as it turns out there may be such a tool, and it’s called Hemingway App.


Gramatically Incorrect

I don’t know everything, very far from it. I do know one thing for certain though and that is that I am terrible at grammar. At first I thought that it was my lack of attention in high school during English class, and once I got to college I thought about getting some help from a tutor. However, it turns out I am just forever destined to suck at it!


“Write as If You Will Never See a Dime”

Many authors dream of quitting their day jobs and becoming full time novelists. There a romantic image of the full-time writer: going on signing tours, delivering public readings, overseeing film adaptations, etc.  Sadly for most writers, this image is just another work of fiction. I hate to break this to you, but most writers will never see a dime for their work, much less be able to support themselves (and a family) by writing.