Write Here, Write Now

So the year has ended and I know that going through the year and reflecting on all you’ve done is very cliché, but just you wait. It’ll get even more cliché as the blog continues. Looking back on this last year has been quite productive, to say the very least. We started ePublish or Bust; had a few more join our cause; went to OMG con; and we were even mentioned in the AP for our work. It has been a good year for writing and I feel as if I’ve developed my writing style and have made more progress on my book than ever before. I can only hope the same is true for whoever is reading this now.


Overcoming Writer’s Block: Inspiration through Constraints

The blank page—one of the most daunting obstacles for a writer. The beginning can sometimes intimidate us into never starting at all. We worry: what do I want to say? How will I say it—and will I even be able to? But really, we should approach the page as an empty, free space to accept whatever we place onto it. The following are some tricks to make the creative process easier by introducing constraints or limits on our artistic freedom.


Renegade Platforms

So I’ve heard about this website called Fast Pencil and I decided to try it out and see what it’s all about. However, first let me tell you about what it does. It’s a platform that you can use in order to write and publish your eBook/book. They are there to help the independent author cross over into the writing world with ease and recently they have partnered with a site that hosts eBooks called Recorded Books (which is used largely in the library community).


A Great New Writing App . . . by Tom Hanks?

Although a diehard Scrivener user, I am always on the lookout for new writing programs.  Working on my book for a bit now, I can’t say that writing fiction has become second nature to me (although it’s getting a little easier).  One of the reasons I chose Scrivener is because of the cool factor – it makes the writing process interesting and enjoyable through its many features.  However, at heart I’m a bit of a minimalist and have a fondness for the other end of the spectrum.  If Ommwriter were better suited for ePublishing, there’s a strong likelihood I would be using it for my magnum opus.


Connecting With Indie Authors

A driving inspiration behind launching ePublish or Bust is turning the challenges introduced by eBooks into positives with regard to library services.  While this is an important personal goal as a librarian, there is another aspect of the program that is equally important.  In the early stages of developing the program, Phyllis and I traveled to a literary festival in Richmond, Virginia to participate in panel discussions on epublishing.  During that visit we spoke to a number of indie and self-published authors who expressed excitement about what we were doing.  We also gained a number of


Booktrack: A Dimension of Sight and Sound

Looking to add that extra something special to your readers’ experience?  A service called Booktrack is ready to help you take your text to another level, by providing you the means to add a soundtrack.  That’s right, you can essentially add a score and sound effects to your book.  From the Booktrack site you can read/hear existing works produced by Booktrack or contributing authors.  Click on the book you’re interested in, click the READ prompt, and you’re off and running.  To create a Booktrack book you must first


The Greatest Vampire Novel in the History of Ever!

Now that you know a little about our program, and what we’ll be doing on the site, I thought I’d go into some detail on how this all started.  A few years back I was working at the Chesapeake Public Library in Virginia, and upheaval in the publishing word was a hot topic.  Libraries were struggling with publishers to find a model for loaning eBooks, and there was a good deal of negativity in the air.  I’m one always on the lookout for silver linings, and my mind started working on how to adapt and put a positive spin on the changes taking place. 

“Put Your Characters through Everything”

In college I wrote a series of interconnected short stories, titled collectively The Relatively Short and Inconsequential Lives of Daily Newman. In a sort of reverse Groundhog Day (the 1993 Harold Ramis directed comedy starring Bill Murray), Newman would awaken every morning in a completely new reality and attempt to figure out the rules of the world.

Read Your Surroundings

My creative writing teacher had a piece of advice for me that kind of rocked my world. It was one of those moments that was just me out of the loop while everyone else was already in it. He told me to mimic and practice what I read, and if you know anything about writing teachers ,you realize I’m summarizing. Now for me that tidbit of information was a big deal, because while I wrote things I made it a habit of not reading any material other than my own. I was stuck in my own bubble and running out of ways to explain things without using the same phrases or descriptive words.

For the Glory!

When you write, write what moves you. If you have something that needs to be said, say it in a way that people can’t ignore you. Love what you are doing, and if you do it for all of the right reasons, no one can stop you from making it to the top. I have given you tips and exercises, but with this blog I just want you to have some encouragement. I don’t know where the people in your life stand when it comes to your writing, but I have to let you know that even if no one else is, I am pulling for you.