Changing Gears Part Deux

In my last post I revealed that that I’m considering putting the fiction project on hold and moving toward a non-fiction project. As I mentioned, my non-fiction project is going to focus on the topic of cult movies, a subject about which I am passionate.  To be more specific, it is going to explore the life and filmography of one of my favorite cult movie stars (to be disclosed soon).  This person was born and raised in Kentucky, and actually has a connection to my hometown of Lexington.  How could I resist not delving further into that story?

Short Stories and Poems Are People Too!

Too long have I gone on about novels without touching on the possibility of more. Writing isn’t solely about novels but about the words used to express a feeling and convey its meaning. People naturally gravitate towards full stories and books and here at ePoB we mainly have authors of full books that come to our author meetings, but I would be remiss to not at least touch on poems and short stories. Many of the old masters of literature were known more for their short stories and poetry rather than full novels. Edgar Allen Poe and F.


Inspiring Apps for Writers

Journaling is one of the most useful tools for writers. It helps us express our everyday thoughts and capture the ephemeral details of day-to-day life. A journal is like a reservoir of content for future writing projects. Recording fleeting ideas and insights can come in handy later when inspiration runs dry. You may not have time to sit at a desk daily and handwrite in a leather-bound journal, but dedicating a few minutes for reflective writing each day is easier now with various journaling and writing apps on the market.


Let Us Begin...

“It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents – except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.”
                                                                — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, opening line of Paul Clifford (1830)

Changing Gears

One of the items we’ve discussed in the Transformational Editor series here at Daviess County Public Library, is putting aside a project when you hit a wall.  It may be temporary or it may be permanent, but sometimes you have to put that book in the drawer, with the hope that you may return to it later.  I’ve come to the conclusion that for the moment I have to do the same with the “greatest vampire novel in the history of ever.”  Though I’ve made good progress on it, with the help of my partner in crime Phyllis, life has intruded to a point that I can’t get in a c

Devilish Details

I am an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy. Give me a post nuclear war and barren wasteland over a modern day New York City skyline any day. I would rather look up in the sky and see three moons, two suns, and a nebula cloud than stargaze at what we’ve got going on now on earth. Foreign flora and fauna are even better when they secrete some sort of toxin in the air or are trying to eat you alive as you walk past them (forget roses, I want one of those on Valentine’s Day).


ePublish or Bust! Author Review: Jen Teachenor’s Beautiful Life

As ePublish or Bust! continues to grow, more and more writers have been able to share their voices and stories. Several authors who have participated in the program as guest speakers have published print versions of their books—copies cataloged and ready for check-out at your local library. One such author is Jean Teachenor, a Franklin, Tennessee native who visited both Daviess and Henderson County Public libraries last month to discuss her self-published 2014 novel, Beautiful Life.


Stop by for a visit

                ePublish or Bust has been going strong for a few months now and it is gradually growing. We are headed in new directions and making strides forward with it. My amount of time spent writing has been steadily increasing and I have told you about my struggles and strengths in the hopes that it can aid you with your own writing. I am more than ready and willing to give you all of my knowledge about writing and publishing. However, since I have not ePublished a book, my knowledge is limited.


Predatory Publishing Companies

Come with me, dear reader, to the land of extended metaphor.
Imagine the new employee starting her first day at a popular fast food chain restaurant. A hungry customer approaches and orders a hamburger. In a normal world, the employee would make a hamburger and sell it to the customer, who would then eat the hamburger.


After reading the Write Here, Write Now entry by Amos regarding resolutions for the New Year, I couldn’t help but add my own thoughts on this special time.  With Amos it’s clear that passion is an important part of the equation, but he notes that distracting life events can cancel out passion.  I am a case study in that particular scenario.  My pattern is to get on an incredible streak where I’m producing a healthy amount of pages, and then I’ll get sidetracked by any number of life distractions.