With the new movie crazes about superheroes and all of our favorite comic book characters coming to life on the big screen, I’m surprised that I haven’t even broached the thought of writing a blog about comics and graphic novels! Comic books and their graphic novel counterparts have built their ranks with amazing writers such as Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb and so many more powerhouse writers.



In the End

I know that it’s the new year and that the large majority of people in the world are focused on new beginnings. Last year when I wrote a blog around this time I was being an advocate of the time honored tradition of New Year’s resolutions. This year I can’t help but to focus more on endings. If you have been steadily writing since the beginning of the year then chances are you’re coming close to the finished product of your novel. With that in mind let’s talk about endings.


Paracosms: Playgrounds of the Imagination

A paracosm is an imaginary or constructed world. It's meaning, literally, is "beyond-world." Many people create these worlds as a hobby, a process often called worldbuilding. The most familiar use of a paracosm is for writers (particularly fantasy authors) who craft these worlds where their characters live and stories unfold. Paracosms can be simple sketches or fully-drawn worlds of astounding detail, with their own inventive histories, societies, and mythologies.


Write like The Force Awakens

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article complaining about one of the reasons why the writing of the Star Wars prequels felt so uninspired. Largely I think it has to do with the eradication of a sense of wonder and mystery. Everything seems logical, but in a cold, heartless way. We're presented with  the backstory of this universe, but it isn't an exciting unveiling of this foreign galaxy--it's more of a bland history lesson.


Write With the Times

Here lately I’ve noticed that we have become a whiny people. If there is ever an unconventional thought, we treat it as if it’s infringing on our rights as humans, Americans, men, women, mammals, ad nauseum. I feel as though the world has begun to pander to its populace and become worse for it. Nobody seems to push any ideas that are truly innovative or thought provoking anymore because we have become afraid of stepping on people’s toes.

Embolden the Ink

Be bold in your words and in your decisions. We all look at our writing and think that it’s not great but there isn’t any time for that kind of thinking. You have to be bold and vivacious in both life and writing. People that write fall under a different classification of people. We as a whole are people that feel and understand things differently than the normal human. As a writer more than anything you are an artist and all that the title entails. As artists we are a much more self-deprecating and wary of the things we create; always looking at our work as not good enough.



My Favorite Writing App: Evernote

If writing is inconvenient, I won’t do it. I need tools that allow writing to slip into my life without much fuss. I have a pretty traditional preference when writing: pen and paper. But even with half a dozen notebooks, folders, and binders, I like to take advantage of what technology’s out there. One app I use regularly is Evernote.

The Big Picture

I wanted to take a different turn for this blog. Sometimes it’s important to step back and take in the big picture so we can understand the origins and meanings behind things we take for granted. With writing, we can sometimes lose ourselves—lose our direction and our purpose.

If No One Can Hear You Scream...

I don’t really work well with scary stories. It doesn’t take a great deal for me to have a nightmare, so I veer away from horror books and scary movies. However, the month of October is rife with the supernatural and horrifying aspect of life. In this month, witches, ghouls, and hauntings are the common occurrences in your everyday life, so I say use that as inspiration for a scary story. I’m really not the best at writing scary stories, but I understand the basics of how one needs to be structured.


Children Are The Future

I have taken a small pause in writing my novel for the time being. I am actually working on finishing another project that has been sidelined because of my lack of an illustrator. I am attempting to write a children’s book. It’s not a chapter book for young readers; rather it’s more reminiscent of easy reader books such as Where the Wild Things Are with the rhyming scheme of There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. If you’re familiar with the writing in either of these books, you realize the necessity of an illustrator.