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Embolden the Ink

Be bold in your words and in your decisions. We all look at our writing and think that it’s not great but there isn’t any time for that kind of thinking. You have to be bold and vivacious in both life and writing. People that write fall under a different classification of people. We as a whole are people that feel and understand things differently than the normal human. As a writer more than anything you are an artist and all that the title entails. As artists we are a much more self-deprecating and wary of the things we create; always looking at our work as not good enough.


As writers we often reach a point in our work where we feel like giving up.  The stories seem ridiculous, the time you’ve spent working feels wasted, and worst of all, you’ve lost the confidence you went in with.  We all go through it, some worse than others.  There have been several times during my writing that I’ve gotten to a certain point in a book and I lose all faith in my abilities.  Who told me I could write well?  Who likes to read my incoherent babbling?  Who in the world would buy this?  As I wallowed in my self-doubt I thought about all the reasons why I should stop writing.  So

The Big Picture

I wanted to take a different turn for this blog. Sometimes it’s important to step back and take in the big picture so we can understand the origins and meanings behind things we take for granted. With writing, we can sometimes lose ourselves—lose our direction and our purpose.

If No One Can Hear You Scream...

I don’t really work well with scary stories. It doesn’t take a great deal for me to have a nightmare, so I veer away from horror books and scary movies. However, the month of October is rife with the supernatural and horrifying aspect of life. In this month, witches, ghouls, and hauntings are the common occurrences in your everyday life, so I say use that as inspiration for a scary story. I’m really not the best at writing scary stories, but I understand the basics of how one needs to be structured.

Sign Up for an Author Meet-N-Greet event at the Bob Kirby Library

The Warren County Public Library hosts author meet-n-greets for self-published authors who would like to visit our library and promote their work. WCPL will create promotional materials and promote the event for one month prior to the event. If you would like to sign up for an event, please fill out the webform. For more information, contact Tina Brewster: tinab@warrenpl.org

Extended Leave

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they’re so incredibly blocked that they see no hope for their writing.  That’s where I’m at right now.  There’s a huge road block as tall as the Great Wall of China is wide, with no footholds or hope of getting around it.  I mean, that sounds kind of bleak, but writing right now is just something I’m struggling with.  Even these blogs, which usually come with ease, are a struggle.  How can I write about writing when I’m not actually writing?  As of right now I’ve stopped working on my book and tried to focus more on poetry, which has always bee

Children Are The Future

I have taken a small pause in writing my novel for the time being. I am actually working on finishing another project that has been sidelined because of my lack of an illustrator. I am attempting to write a children’s book. It’s not a chapter book for young readers; rather it’s more reminiscent of easy reader books such as Where the Wild Things Are with the rhyming scheme of There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. If you’re familiar with the writing in either of these books, you realize the necessity of an illustrator.

The Thief

“Mediocre writers borrow. Great writers steal.

The quote above is most often attributed to T.S. Eliot, but there are many others attached to it.  If you look up this phrase, several names will appear.  Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and even Pablo Picasso are linked to this quote.  Why?  The quote answers that question itself.  Stealing ideas from other people in the literary world can make you a great writer.

Words Matter

Different characters should speak and use language differently. In real life, diction varies from one person to the next, and with fictional characters, it should be the same. One problem we often fall into is having our characters speak with one uniform style. In reality, each character should have a distinct way of using language, especially when it comes to word choice and grammar.

The Cookbook

Books are books no matter what shape or size they come in. If you peruse the non-fiction section of a library or bookstore, you’re bound to run into cookbooks. I don’t have much experience with compiled books but it is an interest that merits looking into. The hard part I would imagine is making the book tantalizing enough to oust any other book that it sits next to on the shelf. I would have to say that the best way to ensure that happens is to market your book to a specific audience. Good food isn’t enough to attract people anymore.